Author of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Visual Artist

There are many reasons to make art — to reflect the world you see, to envision the world as it should be, or to project your fears of how the world could be.

Art is intensely personal, even when it’s shared publicly. This is where I share my art.

MY UNIVERSES:  Here you will find reviews, purchase links, and an excerpt from my novel, Black Wolf: The Binding of Loki, as well as supplementary materials about the book and Norse mythology.

INFINITE NATURES: This is where I share my knowledge and experiences. You’ll find articles on Viking history, culture, and mythology, as well as personal articles and news about literary events, including conventions, festivals, and readings.

This is also where you’ll find my blog series:

  • Master of Mischief explores Loki’s complex relationship with the gods of Asgard and his role in Ragnarok.
  • Link Roundup is a collection of thematic articles to help you find authoritative sources about life in the Viking Age.
  • Creatives’ Corner showcases online creators in a variety of artforms, including costuming and cosplay.

MY MIND’S EYE: A selection of my visual arts, such as sketches, paintings, and embroidery.


Welcome to my universe. May you find yourself in many worlds.