To Toronto, Ottawa, and Beyond!

As hard as it is to convince me to leave my apartment, I will be out in public at least twice in the next month for book-related events.

Now, technically I’m not “going to” Toronto, because I actually live here, but I will be attending the Word On The Street literary festival on Sunday, September 23 to help out at the Renaissance Press booth. This will be the first time I’ll be volunteering to work at my publisher’s table, so hopefully I won’t totally embarrass them. However, if I do embarrass them (and I probably will because I’m just weird and awkward), I hope it will at least be memorable in a good way.

Next up, I’ll will be in Ottawa for CanCon 2018, where I will do my first public reading from my upcoming novel Black Wolf: The Binding of Loki, and I will be on two panels late in the day Saturday, October 13.

  • Reading: 6 PM, Friday, October 12
  • Panel: 4 PM, Saturday, October 13 — “Science Fiction Is/Isn’t Fantasy” (because apparently that debate has been reopened)
  • Panel: 8 PM, Saturday, October 13 — “Dreamtime: Dreams and Dreamers in Speculative Fiction”

Perhaps I’ll see you at one event or the other before I disappear back into my hobbit hole.

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