Upcoming Convention: Limestone Genre Expo

Limestone Genre Expo is one of my favourite small conventions. I don’t go expecting to sell a huge number of books; instead, I look forward to a cozier setting with authors and artists from around Ontario. There are always old friends and new faces.

This year, Limestone will be a one-day event on Saturday June 1, 2019, at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library’s main branch at 130 Johnson St. As always, there will be author readings, writing workshops, and panels, but make sure you stop by the vendor’s room to pick up a novel or two.

Somehow, this night owl managed to land spots on the two earliest panels:

  • Considerations of Female versus Male Protagonists (9 AM)
  • The Challenges of World Building (10 AM)

If you see a Viking in a blue and red hangerock running through Kingston, that’ll be me rushing to my 9 AM panel.



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