Countdown to Launch

Someone or other once said “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.” Well, I keep making plans and life keeps happening. That article on Vikings and volcanoes I started in April is still on the backburner because I need to do a bit more research, but other things have been occupying my time. Like my book and paying work—in that order.

One Frog Eaten, Ninety-Nine Left to Go

I was almost half-done this round of revisions on Black Wolf when I decided it was absolutely necessary to eat a frog that’s been croaking at me for over a year—I needed to revise all the crappy part and chapter titles that have been mocking me ever since I wrote them.

Devil in the Details

Let me start by saying that perfectionism is a goddamned fucking curse that rots your brain and hacks away your self-confidence until you’re nothing but a quivering pile of dogshit. I am author, hear me whimper.

The Co-Evolution of a Story and its Teller

Four years ago, if you had asked me what I knew about Norse mythology, I would have shrugged and mumbled something about Thor dressing up as a woman to get his hammer back. I couldn’t even remember the name of Odin’s wife, and Loki was little more than a dark figure in my mind. Nonetheless, it was Loki who sparked my imagination.

The Con is On

I set out for Can*Con 2017 on the rather auspicious date of Friday, October 13 after months of waiting. I had been looking forward to another trip to Ottawa for months, but I was extra anxious this time around simply because I was going to meet

…wait for it…


Of course, that wasn’t the only reason to go.