My Mind’s Eye: Original Artwork

In addition to writing, I also create original artwork, mostly graphite sketches, chalk pastel drawings, and watercolour and acrylic paintings.

I started drawing as a kid and developed a pretty good sense for human faces. Most of my earlier art was pictures of people, real or imaginary, as well as elves and dragons during my Dungeons & Dragons years. When I took up painting a few years ago, my focus changed. In particular, I have been learning to capture the flow and motion of water in various styles (realism, impressionism, post-impressionism), and I have developed a recent love for cityscapes and still lifes. I also do some decorative embroidery as well, but that takes for-bloody-ever to finish, so I don’t have much.


I decided to share my art and maybe even make my hobby pay for itself. I was preparing to sell physical paintings, prints, and copies of Black Wolf at Arts Market in Toronto, but 2020 being the COVID-tastic mess it is, those plans have been put on hold indefinitely.

However, the internet has carried on as the internet does, so I’ve focused on  selling my artwork over the web. I am currently stocking my Redbubble store with weird and wonderful things made from my favourite (and most photogenic) paintings and drawings.

As of August 2020, I have set up three collections, but you can search all individual designs if you prefer to browse around.

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