My Mind’s Eye: Original Artwork

In addition to writing, I also create original artwork, mostly graphite sketches, chalk pastel drawings, and watercolour and acrylic paintings.

I started drawing as a kid and developed a pretty good sense for human faces. Most of my earlier art was pictures of people, real or imaginary, as well as elves and dragons during my Dungeons & Dragons years. When I took up painting a few years ago, my focus changed. In particular, I have been learning to capture the flow and motion of water in various styles (realism, impressionism, post-impressionism), and I have developed a recent love for cityscapes and still lifes. I also do some decorative embroidery as well, but that takes for-bloody-ever to finish, so I don’t have much.

Recently, I opened the online store Exploding Unicorn to share my art and maybe even make my hobby pay for itself. (In case you’re wondering, I named the store in honour of my previous interior decorating style — which was to use every colour everywhere.)

I’ve included a sampling of collections that showcase my eclectic body of artwork.

World in Technicolour

Stylized and surrealistic paintings portraying the world in bold colours.

Photographic print of an abstract landscape of a sunset over a mountain range.
Blazing Sunset photographic print

People and Portraits

Realistic paintings, sketches, and pastel portraits of people both real and imaginary, as well as everyday scenes featuring human characters.

chalk pastel portrait of Halle Berry
Halle poster

Land and Sea

Scenes from the natural world in a variety of artistic styles and media, particularly acrylic and watercolour paintings.

Pillow decorated with artwork of a seashore at sunset.
Dusky Shores pillow

Black Wolf

Artwork related to my novel Black Wolf: The Binding of Loki and to Norse mythology and Viking culture in general. Brace yourselves — merchandise is coming.

Image of a mug showing a silhouette of two ravens and the Viking symbols Valknut and Aegisjalmur.r
Huginn and Muninn coffee mug

Shiny Things

Painting crystals and gemstones is a real challenge, especially in watercolour, but they make great patterns for clothes and accessories.

A cropped photo showing a woman's waist and upper legs dress in leggings showing a pattern made from a watercolour painting of a crystal.
My Darling Crystalline leggings (closeup)

Dark Places

The world around us can be cruel, but sometimes the inner world is the darkest place of all. This collection includes stark, surrealistic images in charcoal, graphite, and pastel that express the intense emotions we often try to hide, even from ourselves.

Pastel and charcoal sketch of a woman screaming in anger.
Rage poster