My Mind’s Eye: Original Artwork

In addition to writing, I also create original artwork, mostly graphite sketches, chalk pastel drawings, and watercolour and acrylic paintings. I do some decorative embroidery as well, but that takes for-bloody-ever to finish, so I don’t have much.

I started drawing as a kid and developed a pretty good sense for human faces. Most of my earlier art was pictures of people, real or imaginary, as well as elves and dragons during my Dungeons & Dragons years. When I took up painting a few years ago, my focus changed. In particular, I have been learning to capture the flow and motion of water in various styles (realism, impressionism, post-impressionism), and I have developed a recent love for cityscapes and still lifes.

At the moment, I’m preparinag thematic sets of paintings and sketches to sell as prints, which will be available as complete sets or individual images. First up will be my World in Technicolour subset titled “Primaries” (various subjects painted almost exclusively in shades of red, yellow, and blue) and a watercolour botanicals set. Over time, I will continue to expand these sets and add new ones, including a set titled “Secondaries” that will be similar to Primaries but using only purples, oranges, and greens.

The slideshow presents a selection of my artwork over the years.

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