Twinkling Stars and Supernovae

Over and over again, I’ve wondered when I might go and what I might leave behind. There will be no brood of brats to carry on my name, probably just a yowling cat, a pile of artwork, a jumble of Viking re-enactment gear, and a shit-ton of unfinished or unpublished stories, articles, and poems. And probably my half-eaten corpse. (I’ve been thinking I should invest in one of those automatic cat food dispensers.) But honestly, I do ask myself what I want to achieve and what contributions I want to make to the world, even if “the world” is just my little circle of friends and family.

Art and the Artist

Art, in all its forms, is first and foremost an act of self-expression. It doesn’t matter what your art is, or how complex or simple your creations are, or even if you share your creations with anyone else. You are pulling back the curtains and revealing yourself, even if you are your own audience.